I was at a small get together with friends up in the mid-levels here in Hong Kong when I noticed a very beautiful young man sitting from afar on the balcony. A bit of time went by and a friend came over to introduce me to him. It seemed that the idea of me photographing him was already discussed. Trying not to be too excited about the situation, I just said, ‘Sure, how long are you in Hong Kong for? Call me anytime and we’ll set something up’. It was as simple as that.

When it came time to do the shoot, he told me he was very eager to appear in the photo book I was publishing. I guess for him, it was like a dream thing to do. I wasnt so sure to be honest, as thematically, the book was quite narrow and the content had to flow. I was only going to select 40 images total and did not know if the images of him would be appropriate. Regardless, I did find one particular image that was suitable. So Yes!, Wei, you’re in the book.

All the images were taken with a D70 using the expensive 28-70 F2.8 lens. The images of him came out beautiful.His body was lean, having not worked out ever I think, so he was per se, natural. Something that I admire too with all the hype over largely muscled and unnatural guys. What I find with Wei is that his face is not only cute, but open and receptive.