It’s on a Saturday after a couple glasses of champagne near midnight that my friend Tony suddenly decides that he’s ready to be photographed. Couldn’t he have picked up a better time? Well, as it goes, we walk over to the studio just minutes from Rice Bar (a forvorite hangout amoung the shi-shi designers in Hong Kong). Minutes later, we’re shooting away playing with a variety of poses, angle and lighting effects. An hour or so later, these are the results. Tony saw the contacts and slides and said he hated them. Oh well, you can’t please them all can you? He thinks he looks fat. Whatever the case, Tony’s body is not buffed, not sinewy, not tanned nor oiled up. It’s simply natural. That is the beauty of him in his unadorned enclosure; I hope you agree.

Once again, the camera I used for this is the Contax RX with 50/F1.4 lens set at F 4 or 5.6 taken at 1/30 or 1/60 second shutter. The black and white film used here is Kodak TMax 400 while the colour shots were taken with Kodak EPJ 320 Tungsten film. The colours come out a bit cold or pink for me compared to my ideal Provia 400 using my floodlamps. To compensate, I had to warm up the skin tones using photoshop. Sharpness and detal however was excellent.