Sensuality + Beauty = Malaysia model Sunny

Sunny is a young man living and working in KL, Malaysia, whom I met initially through the internet. Although he said we bumped into each other while partying in KL on my first visit, I didn’t have any recollection of him (it was just too crowded and there were so many guys in the venue). As such, he had known of my photography work and was more than happy to pose for me on my second visit to the city, but with the intense purpose of doing a photography session with a few guys including Sunny. 

The result was a refreshing look at young man in his prime of youth. He worked out specifically for the shoot and was will to be photographed nude. A little bashful at the beginning, but within a few rolls of film, he was much better. These are a few of the many good shots that came from the photography session. What I loved about his look was his beautiful bright smile and geniune love for being photographed. I only wish we had more time for the shoot, as we were rather rushing it seemed. Oh well, perhaps there will be another time for me to photograph him. 

Thanks you Sunny for the great photo session and I trust that you will like these images. There are more good ones, but I will hold off on those for the book. 

All images were taken with the Nikon F100 using the F2.8/28-70mm lens and Tmax 400 film.



This was my first photographic assignment in Kuala Lumpur. Derrick, a tall and rather quiet inward gentleman, initially appears awkward in front of the camera, conscious of the lens and with a tendency to look directly at me all the time. It is not until we start shooting the ‘shower’ scene that he begins to be himself. as the action of cleansing allows him to direct his attention elsewhere. 

It is fortunate that we have soft indirect lighting to give Derrick a wonderful glow to his smooth lusterous body. Take note of his slender long torso and his lean muscular physique.

All images with a-prefix were taken with the Nikon D70, while the all others were taken with the Nikon F100 both using the 28-70mm lens.



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