Malaysian Joe Wong Exudes Male Masculinity

Joe is a guy I photographed in the spring, just before I moved to my new studio (Studio 8) in Chai Wan. Having talked to him previously online and meeting him in Bangkok’s new year dance party held by GCircuit, I felt I could work with him. Quiet-spoken by nature, we arranged to photograph him when he was in Hong Kong for a short holiday. In this photograph, I had him recline on my The Asian Male – 2.AM boxes. If you look carefully, you’ll see 2.AM scribbled on the box just underneath his right thigh. 


Malaysian Model SK – A Body of Ivory Perfection

SK is a young man that I met through an internet friend from Kuala Lumpur. Beautifully built with a lean frame, photographing him was great. Easy-going and extremely friendly, the lines on this guy produced some photographs that captured an aesthetic sensibility that I had not previously encountered. I only wish we had more time to work together, as we were working to a very tight schedule. This particular photograph is one of my favorites, demonstrating that the body is truly a thing of beauty. We shoud appreciate the human form more without delving into interpretations of sex and shame. These are just a few of my favorite images; when I get around to it, I’ll try to have more online.


Sensuality + Beauty = Malaysia model Sunny

Sunny is a young man living and working in KL, Malaysia, whom I met initially through the internet. Although he said we bumped into each other while partying in KL on my first visit, I didn’t have any recollection of him (it was just too crowded and there were so many guys in the venue). As such, he had known of my photography work and was more than happy to pose for me on my second visit to the city, but with the intense purpose of doing a photography session with a few guys including Sunny. 

The result was a refreshing look at young man in his prime of youth. He worked out specifically for the shoot and was will to be photographed nude. A little bashful at the beginning, but within a few rolls of film, he was much better. These are a few of the many good shots that came from the photography session. What I loved about his look was his beautiful bright smile and geniune love for being photographed. I only wish we had more time for the shoot, as we were rather rushing it seemed. Oh well, perhaps there will be another time for me to photograph him. 

Thanks you Sunny for the great photo session and I trust that you will like these images. There are more good ones, but I will hold off on those for the book. 

All images were taken with the Nikon F100 using the F2.8/28-70mm lens and Tmax 400 film.