Have postcards lost their charm or significance?

Have postcards lost their charm or significance?


For me, receiving a postcard from a friend was one of the most exciting things to receive in the mail. If you think of it, an enormous amount of effort was required on the part of the sender to make it happen. You would first need to find a souvenir shop (okay, not so hard), that had postcards, and hopefully they had decent ones that didn’t look too tacky (usually, harder). Subsequently, you would need to buy stamps, write something of some significance on it,  and then mail. But probably the most interesting thing is that you had to write something that could be shown to anyone to read. After all, it was sort going into the public domain. Post office staff could read it at their leisure. Now, now we have blogs and facebook to do all that without having to go through the trouble of buying a tangible item and then physically sending it. Quite honestly, I too myself haven’t purchased nor sent a Postcard in ages, but I did collect them in my university years, saving the really beautiful ones in a cardboard box that has now gone missing. Usually, those were the one that I purchased from museums or galleries. I would usually buy 2 of the same design, keeping one for myself and send the other to my friends.


One of my favourite postcards was the one shown above, which I just happened to find online. You can probably see where I got my early inspiration from. The male human body was in-grained from an early age.

So getting back to my 3.AM Asian Male postcards, I decided for slightly larger size, measuring  8.25 x 5.5 inches. They’re printed on a glossy 260gsm paper. Not too thick; not too thin.


So if you’re like me, they make a great item to collect. Right now, I have selected 4 of my favorite images from my 3.AM book: 1) Nono, 2) Ricky, 3) Monika and 4) Milkboy.

For those that contributed by purchasing a pre-order copy, you’ll be getting a few as part of the campaign. I’ll have these available for online purchase shortly. I’m going to see if any shop here in Hong Kong will carry these; however it might be a bit too much for the shops here. I remember one vendor that carried my 2.AM book and placed all the way in the back of the shop on the bottom tier. Grrrrr. Not surprisingly, they didn’t sell any copies.