Sean is one of the very few locally born Hong Kong natives that approached me to be photographed. His sinewy muscle-toned body is nearly anorexic and ugly, but transcends to something hauntingly poetic and erotic in these photographs.

This is one of the images that stood out of the contact sheets.


Cover Model to 1.AM Sean Ching

I remember interview day when Sean Ching came strolling into my Sheung Wan studio. Very confident and self-assured, we seemed to connect in some strange way. We agreed to do a shoot and arranged to meet up the following week. No sooner than 10 minutes went by and off his clothes went. I was taken slightly back. He looked at me and noticed my discomfort and quipped ‘Oh not now?’ He smiled inside and drew up his pants. It was a great shoot. This image became the cover to my first book, The Asian Male – 1.AM. available on Amazon