The Asian Male 3.AM postcard design is underway…

The Asian Male 3.AM postcard design is underway…


Today I started to work on the postcard design that are a part of The Asian Male 3.AM campaign. They will be simple, measuring 8.25 x 5.5″ (21 x 14cm) and printed on 300gsm woodfree card. I am going to send the above design for a test, to see if the printing and color look good. I won’t be going for glossy postcards, as I feel these images are best suited for matte finish. They may even be good enough to frame.

Below is a mockup of how they should look like. These photographs gives you an idea of the size, a bit larger than your average sized postcard, which in most cases are around 4 x 6″. These will have a substantial feel to them.

photo-1 photo-2


So to anyone that pre-ordered a copy of the book, you will be getting 3 postcards as part of the campaign.