I met Ryan a few months ago for the first time through an introduction of friends. His friends, who are admirers of photography, thought it would be appropriate that I capture this energetic young Singaporean on film. With a tall stature of perhaps 6’-3” tall, Ryan’s lean body was something more difficult to capture on film than I first imagined. He doesn’t work out at the gym, but keeps himself in shape by swimming and volleyball. It took quite number of different experiments to find what would work and what would not. In less than 2 hours, I came down to a few shots that I really take advantage of his physique and boyish good looks. What stikes me most about Ryan are his eyes, they look rather innocent one moment, then teasing and flirtation the next — which goes well for him since he’s a free-spirited soul with a zest for all that’s good and happy in life. I hope you enjoy the photographs.