Gallery 9 – Milkboy (Derek)

More than any other photograph, this image of Derek Chong with milk poured over his body is one of the most memorable images that I have had the honor and privilege to be a part of. The idea came to me over a course of several months, thinking of what I could do with Derek. Partly inspired by Richard Avedon’s superb photograph Swarm, I thought this would be similar and instructed Derek to stay very serious during the shoot. After an unsuccessful first attempt, we cleaned up and set up for a second shot. The person in charge of pouring the milk was Vasum So, my business partner at the time. As it turned out, he accidentally dumped the entire carton in one go. Derek was drenched. Not being able to hold his composure, Derek let go and started laughing as I continued to shoot. It wasn’t what I envisioned, but the best image was captured right then and there.

Limited edition prints of this photograph are available in the following sizes:
Size: 13 x 17″ – Edition 5 (next edition available is 3/5)
Size: 18 x 25″ – Edition 20 (next edition available is 2/20)
Size: 24 x 33” – Edition 10 (next edition available is 6/10)
Size: 30 x 42” – Edition 10 (next edition available is 1/10)


Milkboy by Norm Yip

Milkboy, 2008 by Norm Yip