Gallery 29 – Zihan | The Parking Lot [NSFW]

The images shown here were originally taken in 2009. Performance artist Zihan, fashion stylist Patryk Chaou and I were out one night drinking and dancing at Taboo, a local gay disco in Singapore. From nowhere, Zihan exclaimed “I want to be photographed now”.  It must have been 3am by then and I thought he was just drunk and joking, but he was serious. We gathered ourselves and walked over to the hotel to grab my camera and set out into the dark night street of Singapore and wandered into an operational yet deserted parking lot. No one around. While I unpacked and set up my camera, Patrick was already styling Zihan, who had already shed off his clothes. What happened next is somewhat is a blur, as I recall the seriousness that came from the shoot. Zihan was in a zone of intense anger or internal struggle and I was just there to document the feelings he was projecting.

Limited Edition Prints are currently available in the following sizes:

1) Paper Size: 13 x 19″, Signed Limited Edition of 10. US$950.00
2) Paper Size: 18 x 26″. Signed Limited Edition of 10. US$1,250.00
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