Gallery 25 – Yamai [NSFW]

In 2013, Yamai enquired about being photographed nude. Months had passed and I never heard from him for the longest time. I thought it was not going to happen, as many guys get cold feet and I never hear from them again. I never push anyone into being photographed nude; they have to do it on their own accord. It is not just the body that needs to be ready for the shoot, but the mind! Even if they have the greatest body with a ripped 6-pack abdominal or large defined chest, a mind that is not ready to be photographed nude will result in a sterile photograph with no depth or feeling.

So it was to my surprise and pleasure that I received a message from Yamai several months ago that he was going to book me for a session, and was flying in from Taiwan for the shoot. (Incidentally, he is the first Taiwanese guy I have ever photographed.) Yamai’s body is defined, but not overly big to the point of being disproportionate. He is over 180cm tall, which doesn’t show in most of his social media photographs.

He cautioned me that this was going to be his first time being photographed professionally, but feeling both excited and unsure of what to do in front of the camera. The results proved to be beyond both of our expectations, so much so that I asked if he would allow me to post these onto my website.

What you see here are selected photographs from images that he selected from an original set of 1130 photographs. If you are interested in being photographed by me, please see Photography Services.

(Note: As this was a hired shoot, these photographs are not available for purchase as limited edition prints.)


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