Gallery 18 – Cyrus (Part 1)

The story of Cyrus began back in 2007 where I first met him at an Asian Male Fan Club group meeting. It was a small turnout of varied people interested in my work and it was there that he appeared, being invited by a friend of his. I remembered asking him if he would be interested in being photographed by me. I don’t recall his response, but since that time, we just kept in contact through social media channels. It was not until last summer that I reminded him of him possibly modeling for me. I was somewhat surprised that he said he would! A meeting ensued and a day for the shoot was settled upon. So seven years later in November 2014, our shoot was finally realized. It was worth the wait.

Limited Edition Prints are currently available in the following sizes:

1) Paper Size: 13 x 19″, Signed Limited Edition of 10. US$950.00
2) Paper Size: 18 x 26″. Signed Limited Edition of 10. US$1,250.00


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