Gallery 14 – The Other Side [of Neill Wan]

I have always believed in the power of music, and how it can lend to a photography session in the most promising way. It was like that with Taiwanese Neill Wan, as we came to shoot the most difficult part of our photography session, which would more emotive and nude (or near nude). The music I played for this was the hypnotic trance instrumental by Ott, The Queen of Everything. It starts off light, then crescendos in the middle to high that is atmospheric and transcendental. Neill was feeling the music. It was an experiential photographic session.

Limited Edition Prints are currently available in the following sizes:

1) Paper Size: 13 x 19″, Signed Limited Edition of 10. US$950.00
2) Paper Size: 18 x 26″. Signed Limited Edition of 10. US$1,250.00


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