Gallery 13 – Leo (Part 1)

In the second half of my photography session with Leo, I found a set of images that contained much more emotion than what I am used to from a model — images that evoked pain or suffering, and in some case, anguish or fear. Although he was not wearing any clothes, I was concentrating on his facial expressions. It may have been the music I was playing that brought it out in him. I asked Leo what he was thinking about during this part of the shoot. He replied that there are two sides of himself, and that that this side of him was something he didn’t allow to overcome him, but felt comfortable enough to set it surface for me. I feel this is true in most people, hiding away from so-called negative emotions and deciding to be positive and happy. But we cannot be happy all the time, but we can temper the negatives one when we can distance ourselves from our emotions, since our emotions are not who we are, really.

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