Nono is a fascinating young man who emailed me with the intent of being photographed for posterity; he knows he isn’t growing younger! It was something where I wrote that you should allow yourself the honor of being photographed professionally while you have the body and your youth. An aspiring young scientist, Nono is in the midst of obtaining his Doctor of Philosophy (majoring in Chemistry). I asked him very bluntly what would his professors say knowing that he posed nude in front of the camera, and I think he froze for a brief moment. I guess he’s just going to deal with it somehow, someway. Nono might not be your typical model type (but then, what is ‘my model type’?), but he does possess a very smooth and curvaceous body. Nono said that he used to be dancer, to which I could tell by his flexibility in front of the camera. I think what I liked most was his posterior (okay… butt). Very smooth, very nice to photograph. All in all, it was a pleasure photographing Nono. 

This is my first time shooting the nude with my new Nikon D700 camera using the 28 – 70mm F2.8, to which I’m very pleased with the results. Most of the images were taken with at 640 ISO, in which very little noise appeared.