The first time I met Nari was perhaps three years ago when I was at a friend’s party in the Mid-Levels in Hong Kong. I remembered seeing him from afar and then asking him if he would be interested in being photographed for my yet unpublished book. He talked about his modeling interest and gave him my card. We parted ways never to hear from him again. 

Then, around November of 2005, at a local chic bar, I was approached by Nari. He asked if I remembered who he was. Embarrassingly, I had no recollection. He reminded me (now him perhaps the one to be embarrassed) and on the spot, asked me if I would still be interested in phographing him. Out of the blue, I asked to feel his abs. And without hesitation, he pulled open his jacket and said, feel this….. 

So here are the images that came from the photosession. The session became a portrait session, something that I had rarely considered myself good at. His face, his expression, his eyes — told the story. My favorite images are the one of him sitting with his face turned to the camera. Pensive, but sort of asking the audience to go a bit deeper into his pysche. 

Film was Tmax 400 taken on my Nikon F100 with the F2.8 28-70mm lens. Most images were lit with either one or two tungsten sources.