Model Application

If you are interested in applying to be a model for the Asian Male Project, please EMAIL me a recent clear photograph of your face and body. Please write ‘MODEL APPLICATION’ in the subject line. Please note that for this, my selection is based on whether I find your look aesthetically interesting for me to photograph you for my personal artistic work (and I must foresee that the art produced has market value). If you do not fit into what I am looking for, please do not despair. I am available for HIRE.

In general, you should have the following attributes:

1) Ethnicity
Your ethnic background should be Asian: Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, or Philippine. The most divergent Asian male I have currently enlisted is from Krygyzstan, who looks like an exotic European. As such Eurasians are also welcome.

2) Body
Your body shape can be very natural or muscular builds. Body proportion will be the main consideration. If you look in the galleries, you will see that not all the guys are super built. Guys with lean muscular physiques are good, especially if you have nice abdominals.

3) Face
Faces will be very important to me when I choose a guy to photograph. I do not look for professional model for the shoots that I do, but if you believe you have a stunning face that you feel I should look at, then by all means send me your photos for consideration.

4) Age
You should be between the ages of 18 – 40 for consideration.

5) Nudity
Nudity is a requirement for the shoot from now on. Please keep in mind that although you may be nude, your genitals may be covered or concealed from being viewed. What you must be comfortable with is being nude in front of me as we work without covering it or hiding it from view. If you are shy, or worried that friends, co-workers may see the photographs, I cannot consider you. I cannot be safeguarding where the images may appears once it goes onto the internet.

6) Compensation
I do not provide monetary compensation for the models, but will offer you a limited number of high resolution digital files (3200 pixel length, 300dpi) for your time.

7) Model Release
You will be required to sign a model release, which basically indicates that you and I agree that the photography session was fully agreed upon and that the copyright of the images belong to me. NYP Adult Model Release – FINE ART. Please read carefully and if there is anything that is in doubt, just let know.

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