Loren possesses both masculinity, posture, innocence and on occasion, a boyish charm in his appearance. His love of figure skating and workouts at the gym has given this young man a sleek muscular body that he is quite proud of. He also likes to travel and enjoys chilling out in the company of good friends.

I was honored to be able to photograph him in my Chai Wan studio, where we spent a few hours exploring his skill in posing nude in front of complete stranger for the very first time.

1) Loren, where are you from and what do you do in Hong Kong? Tell us something about yourself and your background.

I was born and bred in Hong Kong. I finished university majoring in English and translation, and now I’m working in corporate communications or more precisely public relations. And I have a little sister!

2) What are some of your hobbies and general activities? For instance, do you like going to see movies? Travel?

I like traveling a lot. It’s such a good way to get rid of the world you know too well and absorb something new. Different people, culture, language and food! I like it more when I can fly on business class. Most of the time I just chill with some good friends. Have a drink. Try out some new restaurants. Go watch a movie. I like seeing performing arts as well, dance in particular. I have a bunch of friends who are big fans of all film and art festivals in Hong Kong and they know a lot about these stuff! I used to sketch and paint a lot but I quit after school. Actually am thinking about picking it up again. In terms of sports, I workout at the gym, play tennis and lastly, figure skate, which is something I have been practicing on and off for almost 10 years now.

3) What is your own personal perception of Asian men in Hong Kong or Asia? Do you see any distinguishable difference in terms of looks between men from Singapore, versus say, Thailand or Singapore, or Japan?

I don’t want to over-generalize men in Asia. We are as diverse as guys in other parts or continents of the world. As to men in Hong Kong, I find most of us more conventional than guys in other Asian countries in terms of looks, values and stuff. I think we can be more adventurous at times.

4) Photographing you was a very enjoyable experience. How was it for you? Was it your first time being in front of a professional photographer?

Yes, it was my first time. It’s enjoyable. A bit nervous in the beginning but I think I got better towards the end of the shot. Thanks, Norm 😉

5) Speaking about body and physique, how and what do you feel about your own body? Do you believe there is too much focus or attention paid to it compared to a good education and knowledge?

Loren: I feel great about it. I work sort of hard on it to make it look good, which in turn makes me feel better. However, I don’t think the muscles are hard or big when compared to the hardcore guys. I only work out three times a week, at most. I think both my body and personality and the inner stuff are appreciated by my family and friends. I am a happy man as long as they like who I am.

6) A friend once asked me the following question, so now I’m going to ask you: If you had a choice of having a good looking face and an average body, or an average face and a good looking body, which would you choose and why?

Loren: Can’t I have both? Well, perhaps I will go for a better looking face. You don’t have many chances to show off your naked body in front of a camera right? But your face is used to greet people every day and it stands a higher chance to get into a photo!

7) AM: You allowed me to photograph you nude. What was the experience like? Were you nervous at all?

Loren: It was very interesting. I was a little bit nervous in the beginning. But I am surprised I did much better than I thought. As it went on I felt like no difference, clothes on or off. The only thing that made me felt weird or uncomfortable was that I was doing the same pose over and over again! I was such a big bore!

8 ) AM: Some of the photographs taken of you were very sensual and erotic. What are your thoughts on having the body treated as a piece of art? Do you feel you are connected or disconnected to the image?

Loren: It feels great when you know that your body can actually be presented (or represented?) like an art piece. I studied art in school and I was mesmerized by the beauty of the human body presented in sculptures and paintings. In some of the images I can feel a connection with them but not all. I think it’s a matter of how much I managed to express myself during the shoot. It’s not easy. I am not a professional model. I think I looked a bit stiff at the beginning of the shoot.

9) AM: What is your workout routine? and how did you get those muscular legs of yours? They are very impressive!

I work out two to three times a week. Now I do weight training mostly on my back, chest, shoulders and arms. I run on the treadmill for around 35 minutes once every week. I haven’t been training properly so I tend to do more workstation instead of free weight; I don’t want to hurt myself. As to my legs, they used to be even more muscular! You can’t image how big my thighs were. I couldn’t get a pair of jeans that fit! I stopped practicing figure skating when I was in university and my thighs got slightly slimmer thank goodness. Now I have picked up skating again for almost a year; the sport certainly trained up the muscles on my legs.

10) Do you have any specific goals or aspirations for your own future? Any philosophy on how you live your life?

Just stay happy. Sounds easy but it requires a lot of discipline. Yes, that’s how I see it.

11) Thank you Loren for the interview, as well as for the opportunity to photograph you. We shall meet again.


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