My first major photosession for 2002 in terms of the Asian male image. Here is Leano. I met him on the internet in 1999 and he promised to meet me twice in Hong Kong. And twice he changed his plans at the last moment. This time however, it finally happened and he actually made it here. I had no idea of what to expect, as internet penpals are virtual and there is no telling what the person may turn out to be. After picking him up at Hong Kong station, he showed an eagerness to have the photosession completed within the next few days so he could start to eating less cautiously (a sign of a true body-conscious individual wouldn’t you say?). So on it was. Leano was fully natural in front of the camera. His muscular physique and charming good looks complemented the lens and I tried to capture the moments as best I could. His personality matched the photographs: simple, quiet, thoughtful, uncomplicated. A truely beautiful young man.

I took a variety of films: Fuji Provia 400F, Agfa Precisa CT 100 and Kodak 400CN (black and white). So if you see a variety of colours in the shots below, its because of my experimentation. I also took some photographs with my Mamiya 645 using Provia 100F and bounce flash, but I like the ones I shot with my Contax camera more. The speed of a 135mm is more suited to me. N-joy.]