This photograph I took of Kwunho has always for some reason, generated a lot of interesting conversations. I have used it in my university teaching to demonstrate the power or mystery of a photograph. There has been much said about the eyes being the key to the Soul, and perhaps this is true to a certain degree, but it doesn’t offer a full picture, only fragmented one. It is because time has been captured only during that instant. The glance, the gaze, may have only been fleeting, and it just happened that that was the moment the shutter went off. Wah-la! I believe this was the case with Kwunho. It is an instant in time, captured appropriately at the right moment. On recollection, he doesn’t quite remember giving me that look, and neither do I remember seeing it. As such, does it truly deserve any praise? or was it purely, by chance? I think it cannot be deduced to such simple explanation. It is a combination of both chance, and organized thought to prepare for the moment. I have a simple request. Take a look at this image of Kwunho. Stare at it for as long as you like, and then move (yourself, your body) to the left or right. Now take a look and see if Kwunho is STILL looking at you. I bet you he is. Leonardo daVinci’s, Mona Lisa has, apparently, the same effect. Oooooo.