Joe is a friend that I met several years ago and had the pleasure of photographing when were chatting online about posing. I said for him to come over and we’ll see how it goes. As it turned, he had this ripping body. I was rather shocked to know this. I didn’t recall him dawning abs before. My memory sucks. Anyway, I thought since my new website would be more blog style (having to keep up with the times and all…), that it would be nice to give the audience some more insight into the nature and character of the guys that I photograph. So here we go…

1) Your body is really stunning. Can you tell the readers how you got this body? What is your workout routine, if you have any? Are you into any sports?

I go to gym for workout almost every other day. Starting from last December, I’ve been doing yoga on a regular basis. Yoga practice makes my body more toned and defined. Since many yoga poses require strength and stability of our core, it’s good training for abs.

2) I understand you are from Hong Kong, but can you tell us something more about your background. What was it like growing up here in this city? Do you ever wish you were born in another country?

Both my parents are Chinese. I’m 100% local but a lot of people say that I look like thai or other south east asian countries. I used to hate growing up in Hong Kong and wished I was born somewhere else. But now I start to like it because I realise that I am actually connected to this city and I can feel its pulse. Since then, I no longer wish I was born in other places.

3) What is your job or career? Any aspirations for the future?

I worked as a flight attendant, a reporter and an editor before. I am now a salesperson, but it’s just temporary. I’m moving on to other fields soon. Aspirations for the future…hmm…I really want to have my own shop selling spiritual things like CD of healing music, tarot cards and books etc. I think these are something we truly need to strike a healthy, balanced life amid all the stress and materials that are poisoning our heart and soul.

4) I hear that you are interested in Tarot cards, like me. A person of the mystics perhaps. Can you tell us more about this?

Oh yea I actually had my own website about tarot reading. To me it is just a way to gain access to our subconscious through intuition. And of course it can help you find an answer when you are confused. Well many people think that it’s mysterious and psychic. But to me it’s more like exercising our right brain.

5) Some admirers of the Asian Male photography have already purchased photographs of you, probably to hang in their living room or bathroom walls. What do you think of that?

I’m really surprised. And I want to thank them for their appreciation. But credits to my friend Norm because he turned my body into a piece of art.

6) Briefly, what did it feel like modeling for Norm Yip? Was it scary? Were you nervous at all?

I was a bit nervous at the beginning because it was my first time modeling. But Norm told me to be myself. He actually allowed me to do whatever pose I wanted. And also he reassured me that we were not taking beautiful face shot. I really liked this idea because I know I was not gonna make it anyway. So I began to relax, loosen up and be able to follow my heart and posed. Above all, I have confidence in him. So I could let go of my rules, worry and anxiety at that moment.

7) Is there anything you would like to share with the audience, whether it be regarding confidence, or vanity or secrets on how to get a body like yours.

Sometimes we are just too harsh on ourselves. So stop judging yourself and learn to be gentle and kind to your own body, mind and soul.

8) Thank you Joe for taking the time to share your thought for the audience and readers of the Asian Male.