Gene is one of my closest friends, having met him while he was studying at Polytechnic University in Hong Kong. Several months ago, he told me he was heading to Germany, after being accepted to a well known university in Heidelberg. I admit I was surprised that he would choose to move so far from Asia, but it was what he wanted. 

Gene is rather shy. He doesn’t like drawing attention to himself and finds going out drinking on a weekend completely a waste of time. And as for being photographed, he would rather entertain himself by reading Einstein’s theory of relativity. He doesn’t like cameras, unless he’s behind one. Nevertheless I insisted that he allow me the honor to photograph him before leaving. 

For anyone knowing Gene, he is very attractive, with deep set and alluring eyes, and dawns a superbly built body. I convinced him that it would be harder to rebuild his body as such in the future while retaining his youthful appearance. Finally, he conceded to do the shoot the week before leaving Hong Kong. The photograph that appears above caught him unaware as he broke in a gleaming smile. 


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