An energetic and ambitious young man with a stunning musuclar body, who would ever believe that this guy raises prize-winning dogs for a living. I was introduced to him earlier this year and was eager to capture some photographs of him in his peak condition. Earlier photographs of him, perhaps a year or two before I met him showed him to be rather thin. But look what has come of him! I remember meeting him on the day of the photography shoot and almost not recognizing him. He certainly put a lot of work on that amazing chest of his. Very reception to a wide variety of posing, here are the ones that I feel that tell the story of this young guy.

Digital camera was the Nikon D70 while the film-based camera was the F100; both using the Nikkor 28-70mm F2.8 lens. The film for the black and white is Kodak Tmax 400. In addition, there is one image in the bottom left corner where I used roll of Fuji NPH400.


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