I met Colin last year on the internet (yes, the internet, namely fridae.com) and kindly asked him if he would be interested in being photographed by me. He was from Singapore, so it was plannned that I would at least meet up with him when I was there to visit friends.

Well, let’s just say that this guy has a very interesting character, besides having a very sexy and beautifully toned body. I noticed that he’s got a ‘good side’ — so he turns his head to his left quite often. But it’s okay, so long as I can capture him smiling! I mean, what an amazing smile he has.

I used the digital camera for the colour photographs and the film-based camera for the black and whites, I was aimed at doing my best to photograph him as best as possible. The following are the ones that I like the most out of at least 40 images very good images, so the paring down was not easy.

Thanks Colin for agreeing to the shoot with me. And believe me, your photographs will certainly appear in the second edition (2.AM) of The Asian Male, promise.