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Ever since I began photographing the Asian male series, I have followed several rules on my work as an artist seeking models for my project. One of them was to never to pay for the model for their time and effort but to compensate the model with high-resolution photographs. The amount of work in producing the images was enormous. Not only did I have to scout for guys that were willing to pose nude, but they would also need to sign a model release. The time involved was not little, especially during a time when the idea of being photographed nude was not really understood in Asia as it now.

Working in the days of film, I would need to develop, edit and scan the photographs and then upload onto a website built from the ground up using Dreamweaver. I learned by trial and error. It was only when the digital age matured that I began shooting and editing with more ease, learning the skills necessary to recreate digital images to look vaguely like the film counterpart.

To compensate myself for the work involved in shooting and pursuing my passion, I decided to self-publish photography books and to start selling limited edition prints. These, along with digital publications, are all meant to help pay for my time and effort in pursuing the life of an artist.

Over the years, I have become both hardened and critical by the difficulties of disseminating my photography through social media channels, namely Facebook and Instagram. Both have censored and banned my images on account of breaking their ‘community standards’ for posting nudity or pornography. This makes it highly challenging to promote my work, let alone the psychological side of being silenced by social media authorities.

In light of the above, I have decided to create a Patreon account to help support my work as an artist. The Patreon account is not strictly for my Asian male photography but also combines my work as a fine art artist. For the most part though, Patreon will contain more work relating to the Asian Male Project. I hope you will support the work that I do by becoming a Patron on Patreon.

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