Alternative Photography Services

I have also photographed people in bondage, or BDSM, in private and studio setting. If you have such an interests, I am eager to help you be photographed in such a way. I do not have a problem with shooting such subject matter, as I believe everyone has a sexual side that no on needs to be afraid of. However, I also believe that this is a very private and personal matter, and therefore confidentiality and privacy is fully respected.

Alternative Photography Genres:
– Gender groups including gay, lesbian, & transgender.
– Sexually provocative themes including BDSM.
– Sexually explicit scenes alone or with a partner.

Confidentiality and Archiving
You have an option. Normally, all photographs that are taken by me are kept safely in my archives. However, because of the nature of this type of photography, you may decide that you would not rather have the photographs archived by me. If that is the case, the digital files will be deleted upon they are safely in your possession. Once they are deleted on my side, they will not be retrievable.

Strictly Confidential Photography Sessions: HK$2,500/hour
– you would received ALL the photographs taken during the photography session in high resolution jpg files;
– these photographs would be calibrated for brightness, contrast, tone in either black and white OR colour;
– the images would be deleted from my files after the images are safely in your possession; I will keep no backup copies;
– photography sessions may be conducted in the privacy of your home or in the studio;
– studio photography will be limited in terms of props, however there is the customary backdrops and a large sofa. You are welcome to bring along whatever you want for the session;
– if conducting the shoot in your home/premise, I will bring one set of lights to the shoot.
– normally, I work alone with no assistant around, so there is complete privacy during the session; however, you are welcome to bring someone along during the shooting if you prefer.

Prints, Albums and Framing
This can be done through me in complete confidence through my own suppliers that take privacy seriously. I have photographed and printed sensitive and sexually explicit images before. Prices are quoted to you prior to production. A 50% deposit before commencing with the job.